​​Creative Workshops for Kids
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Jewelry-making class.

Need a little help getting started with allergen-free baking? Contact me for a one-on-one baking session where you will learn hands-on how to make a large loaf of delicious bread and a batch of cookies you and your family will love! I will show you shortcuts and best products based on my years of experimentation and success. A 90-minute baking session fee is $45.00 plus product costs*.

Easy-to-use ingredients for creating allergen-free home-baked goods.

My favorite baking substitutions:

To replace an egg in a baking recipe, soak 1 Tablespoon of ground flaxseed in 3 Tablespoons of warm water and let it "gel" for about 10 minutes. It also adds healthy fiber into your diet!

Organic palm fruit oil is an excellent replacement for butter or oils that contain soy or are not non-GMO. Use it in any baking recipe that calls for shortening or butter.

*Product costs for baking class:

Large loaf of bread: $7.00

Chocolate chip cookies: $7.00

Sugar cookies: $5.00

Chocolate cake: $14.00

Allergen-free chocolate chip cookies. NO gluten, NO eggs, NO soy, NO dairy, NO nuts!!!