Individual Tutoring Rates

Two 30-minute sessions per week: $40.00/week

Two 45-minute sessions per week: $50.00/week

Does your study group need help? I can work with unique situations or one-time events. Just let me know what you are looking for and I will help you design a plan that meets your needs.

A big part of learning a new language is identifying which methods really work for you to master new concepts and make them stick. Finding the learning strategies that cut your learning time while boosting your productivity is included in your tutoring session so that you can accomplish your goals.

Are you wanting to do well in high school or college Spanish? Having taught Spanish in a school setting, I understand the curriculum and the expectations your instructor has for you to demonstrate competency in the new language. Tutoring sessions are tailored to the specific subject areas with which you may need some individual instruction, such as grammar, verb conjugation, vocabulary, conversation skills, oral presentations or written reports.

Going on a business or mission trip? I can help you learn the basics or get you back into linguistic shape for your trip!

3 Tips for getting your young children (or yourself!) started on your own:

1.  Read some bilingual books:

   Margaret and Margarita by Lynn Reiser
   Manana Iguana (and Tortuga in Trouble) by Ann W. Paul
   My Big Book of Spanish Words by Emberley

2.  Watch movies the child already knows well in English (such as Frozen or Cinderella) and then put it on to play in Spanish mode. They will pick up a lot of the words and yet still be able to follow the story. And then for full immersion, put on something in Spanish they have never seen before. Their brains actively search for a connection between what they see and what they hear.

3.  I'm a huge believer in flash cards for learning vocabulary.  Get some index cards and have your child draw a big blob of RED on one side and on the other side write the word "rojo".  Do this for all the colors (you can find EVERYTHING on the internet!) and then show her the colored side and have her come up with the Spanish word.  You can do this with numbers too.  She writes her numbers on one side, you write the Spanish word on the back.