Sheet Music Plus is a great website for ordering song music.

  Formal vocal instruction can equip    

  singers to reach their goals.

  Whether your goal is personal improvement in your singing  

  technique or landing a role in musical theatre, vocal  

  instruction  and/or coaching will prepare you while equipping

  you with  techniques that protect your unique and

  irreplaceable voice. 

For the advanced student:

45 or 60-minute lesson, once a week

Repertoire construction:  baroque/classical, impressionist, romantic period, 20th century, jazz, American composers, etc.

Intensive technique drills

Advanced music theory


College/competition prep

Performing opportunities 2+ times/year

For the voice student:

Prerequisite: ability to read music & basic knowledge of music theory

45-minute lesson, once a week

30-60 minutes of singing daily at home

Vocal exercises (intermediate-advanced)

Construction of a vocal repertoire

Semi-annual recitals (winter and spring)

For the vocal coaching client:

30-minute session, once a week

Vocal exercises

Audition/performance coaching/prep

Vocal care and recovery techniques

For the beginner student:

45-minute group lesson, once a week

Piano Pronto Method Books

Music theory and technique

Performing opportunities 2+ times/year

Lesson Rates

$180/month for four 45-minute lessons

Vocal Coaching Rates 

$152/month for four 30-minute sessions

Printed Music

Varies by student. A resource list will be made available during the first lesson.

For the intermediate student:

30- or 45-minute lesson, once a week

Introduction to the master composers


Intensive technique drills

Intermediate music theory

Performing opportunities 2+ times/year

  Learning to the play the piano is an  

   accomplishment that adds joy to life. Through this process, students learn to do so much more    

  than make beautiful music!  Discipline, concentration, eye-  

  hand  coordination, and cognitive improvement are all by-

  products of time spent at the piano. ​

Lesson Rates

$112/month for four 45-minute group lessons

$152/month for four 30-minute individual lessons

$180/month for four 45-minute individual lessons (advanced students only)

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The starter bundle of 3 books costs approximately $30 and is available from me or can be purchased online at

*individual lessons are recommended for students with special learning needs or those with significant piano experience