The Tomatis Effect is a safe, non-invasive therapeutic tool that can help the ear and the brain connect in new ways to stimulate better processing. Many people have found this therapy beneficial for improving learning and reading skills, overall balance (the ear is an integral part of our vestibular system) and voice quality. As a teacher of language and music,  I am able to see firsthand how much the ear is involved in learning and processing. The good news is that even those not pursuing music and language can have improvement in reading skills, speaking abilities and communication through this therapy.

How it works: Clients wear a special headset for 90 minutes each day for 14 days while electronically filtered music is playing. This music stimulates the ear and the brain to work more effectively and in harmony with each other. This 3 minute video provides a visual explanation:  The Tomatis Effect

Playing games, coloring, doing puzzles and relaxing are popular activities to do during your listening session.

How to use the TalksUp and Headphones

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